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Diagnostics & Tuning

Our ASE Certified technicians coupled with cutting edge diagnostic equipment will work to get to the root of your vehicle's problem and then devise a service plan with you to help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

Inspection & Emissions

We are a registered Pennsylvania State Inspection and Emissions testing center. We offer competitive pricing on inspection and emissions testing with results that you can trust. Through this service we can help to ensure that your car is not only safe for you and your loved ones but also safe for the environment too!

Routine Maintenance

Waiting for your vehicles systems to fail and then dealing with the price of repairs is both costly and inconvenient. Keeping up with your vehicle's regularly scheduled maintenance program will help to keep your vehicle on the road saving you both time and money. Unfortunately, keeping up with a maintenance program at your local auto dealership can cost you a small fortune. We strive to provide you with service superior to the dealership at a price that they can't match.

Performance & Customization

This is where the "FAST" in F.A.S.T. of West Chester comes into play. Whether you want to add a few simple bolt on performance items to your daily driver to help boost the performance and efficiency of your daily driver or you wish to create a fully customized one of a kind full race, drift, or show vehicle we have got you covered. We carry a full line of performance parts from all of the proven names that you know and trust and have the years of experience and know how to make them work.

Tire & Alignment Services

F.A.S.T. of West Chester we offer competitive prices on tires along with mounting, balancing, and alignment services. All of you Honda Odyssey, Nissan Quest, and Acura RL owners equipped with PAX tire systems rejoice! You are no longer a prisoner of the dealership and their "we have you held captive" pricing. We are equipped to handle all of your PAX tire service needs.

Off Road & 4 x 4

In addition to building custom performance machines with the capacity to terrorize the street as well as the track, we also offer a full line of custom accessories for your 4X4 or trail rig. Whether you are just looking to get a few extra inches of ground clearance or you are looking to build an unstoppable trail rig, we can get it done.