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It became evident at a young age that Dave Brown was born to make an impact in the automotive world. Regularly finding items disassembled around the house, Dave's parents recognized early that Dave had a natural curiosity for how things worked. Through the years Dave's fascination mechanical items became intermingled with a passion for automobiles. This new found passion boiled over at about age fourteen when Dave purchased his first vehicle, a 1986 Nissan pick-up truck. Where most of us would have been happy to have our first set of wheels and explore visions of all the places that it would take us, Dave's vision painted a much different picture. For Dave, cars and trucks have always been more than just a way to get from point "A" to point "B". He dedicated his time and energy into transforming that every day truck into a one of a kind award winning show stopper. This truck was much more than a fancy paint job. It was completely redesigned.

Dave then took his passion to the next level by attending the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. Dave graduated this exclusive and rigorous program with high honors. Dave's professional career began in local service stations from which he progressed to becoming a Certified Honda Master Technician. To many technicians this would be the pinnacle of their professional careers, but for Dave, he was just getting started. Over the years, Dave has designed and built some of the most unique and cutting edge vehicles on the road today. His vehicles have been given appreciation from admirers ranging from everyday folks at the gas pump to die hard purists at car shows and in internet forums. Just as Dave could never look at an automobile and be satisfied with the status quo, he felt the same way about the automotive repair industry. Good enough was just not good enough. This mind set has motivated Dave to open Family Automotive Service & Tuning so that he could not just be better than the competition, but simply be the best. The best service, the best performance, the best value, for you and your vehicle.