I recently swapped in a 6MT spec.B into my legacy gt. FAST of West Chester did the work for me and I can only sing their praises. First Dave is an extremely knowledgeable mechanic. He immediately made me feel comfortable  knowing that the swap would be done correctly. Over all the work took about 3 days to complete, and besides learning how to drive a stage 4 clutch everything exceeded my expectations. Not only was the work/service fantastic, but Dave's shop is pristine. The comfort and quiet offered in the waiting area, mimics a living room. Makes taking a nap while waiting an intangible benefit. 

The guys at FAST are extremely capable, and I strongly recommend them for any size project.

I have had work done by the gentleman of FAST a few times on my WRX. The shop and waiting area is very clean and atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. As for the work, they are honest, dependable, and have a great rate. Top notch work and I will absolutely continue business with them.

Well, last month, my car developed a slight electrical issue with the gauge cluster and windows not working. Being somewhat hesitant about shops now with my car I was dreading bringing it to a shop but could not have a car with windows stuck down! 

After posting on TST I was contacted by Dave from FAST of West Chester. After speaking with Dave I felt that they would best be able to remedy my issue. I am glad that I gave another shop a chance as this was a completely positive experience.

There is this great feeling you get when someone that has your pride and joy calls you to let you know that everything is alllll good now. I went to pickup my car and sure enough everything was fine. I had just a few days before, wired up a newer set of HIDs and my left headlight would not turn on right as I was about to leave the shop. Dave said, "Man, I'm not gonna leave you stranded with one light working" and then spent the next hour and a half fixing MY mistake. I left with a great first impression and a working car again.

#2: Two weeks ago my car suddenly felt like it ran out of gas on 95. I called FAST and asked them if it was cool to get it towed up there. I was expecting it would be about a week or more before I would get my car back. Not only did they take my car on such short notice, my fuel issue was fixed within just a few days.

#3: On my way home the week before last, I stopped at the bank and noticed coming back out that my coolant was leaking furiously underneath my car. Starting to get frustrated with my car I cooled down and called FAST the next day and asked if I could get it towed there. Exactly one short week later my coolant line was replaced.

Overall, I now have this good feeling that nomatter what may come up, I have a great shop I can trust my car with. Everyone at FAST is super professional and as a bonus, their shop is really nice too! I have since recommended them to a friend and his 240sx is currently at FAST awaiting an SR20 swap right now. So, to the guys at FAST, I salute you sirs!

I feel compelled to write a post based on my positive experience with FAST (Family Automotive Service & Tuning) in West Chester, PA. Last week I posted on the forum here about the ABS light in my STi being on and the ABS therefore being disabled. The local Subaru dealer basically blew me off because there was some aftermarket wiring (headlight wiring, near the ABS module in the engine bay but not electrically connected to it), and even charging me their shop rate they didn't want to be bothered diagnosing the issue.

I got a PM from Dave, the owner / operator of FAST offering his service to help figure out the problem. I had not heard of FAST but figured it was worth a try. Here is the summary of my experience:

Service: Dave offered me a fair price to diagnose the issue. His interest was diagnosing the problem and providing a solution, not "let's just rip everything out and charge you $1300 to replace all the hardware" like the dealership wanted to do. In a cumulative ~3 hours in the shop (2 separate visits only because I had to get to work), he found the problem, came up with a simple fix. ABS is functioning again, and I'm a happy camper.

Dave formerly worked at a Honda dealer as a Master Tech, and his qualification is evident. I don't think I've met anyone in the car business quite as sharp as he is, and I felt 100% confident that my car was in good hands while he was working on it.

Roy is also a super nice guy. He arranged my first appointment there, greeted me by name when I came in, gave me a tour of the entire place before they even touched my car (which I appreciated!) and spent probably 45 minutes of this morning just shooting the sh!t with me about cars and what their breadth of experience and expertise is. I took away from my conversation with him that they are really interested in the work they are doing and take good care of their customers accordingly.

Facility: The icing on the cake is the facility itself. Very nice reception area, clean bathroom, large waiting room with ~50" plasma tv, comfy leather couch and chair, and fully-stocked Keurig machine to boot (nice touch guys!). The shop is nice and clean. No dyno currently, but I think they are hoping to have one within the next year.

I can't say enough good things about this shop. These guys have been in the automotive industry for years but the shop opened in February 2011 (I believe). I 100% recommend FAST. This is a shop we need to support so they can continue providing the level of service that I received today.

Congrats FAST, you're winning.